Members Present: Mayer, Sidwell, Eastridge, Metzger, Ward, Dennis, Kinsey, Oswaldo

1. Meeting Called to Order

2. Principal’s Report – Mrs. Eastridge

1st quarter report cards go home 10/31 – Great 1st 9 weeks!
PTA fundraiser complete and all items distributed
Fall Festival was a great success
Allen Park did not earn the Blue Ribbon award – it was an honor to be recognized
Funds from SIP were used to provide substitutes for completed and upcoming training
SIP funds also provided supplemental materials per grade level request and are arriving now
November training for teachers will focus on co-teaching to target learning gains for students with disabilities
Report Approved – motion by: Ms. Sidwell, seconded by: Mrs. Metzger

3. DAC Report – Mrs. Ward and Mr. Dennis

Per our discussion at the 9/11 meeting – Mrs. Eastridge reached out to Mr. Dennis and he agreed to be the alternate DAC representative.
Mrs. Ward attended the meeting on 9/17
Discussion points included: transportation, school choice and Dunbar HS
Mr. Dennis attended the meeting on 10/15
District testing – schools must report progress to the state
Teachers may use district created tests or make their own
It may be important to test in Science and Social Studies before 4th Grade
Elections: Gwen Gittens – President, Andy Erickson – Vice President
Parents can access the FSA information website for more information and sample test questions
Mrs. Eastridge noted that Allen Park Teachers will use the revised District Assessments. Allen Park teachers participated in the revision of these tests.
Report Approved – motion by: Mrs. Eastridge, seconded by: Mrs. Sidwell

4. Teacher Training Report – Mrs. Sidwell

Mrs. Fetterhoff attended district writing training using the new state rubric. She has worked with 3, 4, and 5th grade teachers to train them in two sessions.
Two Allen Park teachers were a part of the team that revised the Concept Tests
Completed Training in September
Teachers reviewed SIP data and identified trends and needs
Mrs. Metzger provided training on critical thinking skills
Teachers worked within their Professional Learning Communities to discuss strategies
Upcoming training for teachers in November
Webb’s Depth of Knowledge – how to guide students to a deeper level of thinking using cognitive rigor and questioning techniques
Guest Speaker – How Co-teaching can support learning for students with disabilities
Mrs. Eastridge shared that a team of teachers from Patriot Elementary visited because they were impressed with our Primary (K,1,2).
The team toured classrooms
The integration of writing at all levels was a standout
Report Approved – motion by: Mrs. Ward, seconded by: Mr. Dennis

5. SREF Inspection Report – Mrs. Metzger

Completed on 10/15 – very few items noted
Sanitary disposal missing from the girls’ restrooms – these are being ordered and will be installed
Other items noted already had work orders in progress
Report Approved – motion by: Mrs. Sidwell, seconded by: Mrs. Eastridge

6. Discussion

Mrs. Kinsey noted that Allen Park teachers had presented at a recent School Board Meeting
Mrs. Eastridge and Mrs. Mayer related that the teachers presented a letter to the Board and Dr. Graham explaining the impact of decision made throughout 1st quarter. They asked to be a part of the discussion for future decisions. The Board directed Dr. Graham to send a District Leadership team to meet with Allen Park teachers. A team of four spent the day at Allen Park on Friday 11/24 and met with each grade level. All teams appreciated the opportunity to share concerns and felt the discussion was positive and productive.
Mr. Dennis asked how testing information and expectations for the new FSA test will be shared with parents
Mrs. Eastridge and Mrs. Metzger both noted the website has information and sample test questions. This website is what the district, administrators and teachers are using to stay up to date on the new testing. It will be shared with all parents in an upcoming newsletter.
Mrs. Ward noted that Allen Park paraprofessional would be open to participating in district training to better support teachers and students in the classroom.
Mrs. Eastridge will share the request with the district and follow up

7. The next meeting will be on December 4, 2014 @ 4:00pm

8. Mrs. Kinsey moved to adjourn the meeting at 4:45, it was seconded by Mr. Dennis.