Members Present: Mayer, Sidwell, Eastridge, Ward, Keene, Givens, Dennis, DeProfio, Kinsey

1. Meeting Called to Order – 4:00 by Mrs. Mayer

2. Principal’s Report – Mrs. Eastridge

Great events and family participation at Allen Park
Grandparent’s Day
Book Fair
Kindergarten Orientation – well attended
Chuck E. Cheese Night
Southwest Florida Fair
9 Odyssey of the Mind teams ready for district competition
Inventors Fair – 16 Allen Park students chosen to participate!
Town Hall Meeting – guest speaker Kevin Baird
2/18 @ 6:00 – South Fort Myers HS
Explaining the Florida Standards
Report Approved – motion by: Ms. Sidwell, seconded by: Mrs. Kinsey

3. Mid-Year Testing and Progress Monitoring – Mrs. Sidwell/Mrs. Eastridge

Mid-year Testing
Completed in December – STAR Reading for ELA and a computer-based Math test, science (5th grade only)
Data review showed many areas of growth across all grade levels
Administrators met with grade level teams to review data, areas of growth and areas to target
The state has asked for an addition check before the FSA administration – that test window opens in February
Progress Monitoring
Data comparisons were presented to grade level teams to examine progress each grade level is making as standards are assessed
Mrs. Eastridge shared example charts that track teacher, grade level and school progress
Compared to the District average – Allen Park is exceeding the expectations for this point in the school year!
Administration continues to work with all grade levels to interpret data and provide support and resources for mastering standards
Report Approved – motion by: Mrs. Keene, seconded by: Mrs. Ward

4. FSA Standardized State testing – Mrs. Eastridge

Mrs. Eastridge shared the testing calendar for Spring 2015
She explained the infrastructure testing that was completed
She outlined Allen Park’s plan to accommodate 5th grades on-line tests in Reading and Math
Mrs. Sidwell and Mrs. Eastridge answered parents questions about the administration and content of the FSA tests
Report Approved – motion by: Mrs. Givens, seconded by: Ms. DeProfio

5. DAC Report – Mrs. Ward

ESE programs in the District are moving toward and inclusion model
The district will utilize co-teaching models to support classroom teachers
The Elementary break out session included a discussion about expectations for Recess
At the high school level the district wants to encourage working toward a standard diploma as opposed to a special diploma
Report Approved – motion by: Mrs. Sidwell, seconded by: Mrs. DeProfio

6. The next meeting will be on April 30, 2015 @ 4:00pm

9. Mrs. Kinsey moved to adjourn the meeting at 4:30, it was seconded by Mr. Dennis