Members Present: Mayer, Sidwell, Eastridge, Ward, Keene, Givens, Dennis, Metzger, Fitzgerald

1. Meeting Called to Order – 4:00 by Mrs. Mayer

2. Principal’s Report – Mrs. Eastridge

A. Testing Update

a. 3/4/5 Reading and Math Complete!
b. All computer testing is complete with only one glitch day
c. 5th grade will take FCAT Science 5/5 and 5/6 on paper

B. Florida Bill 7069

a. The district is waiting on clarification from the state
b. K-2 Math CCE is teacher’s choice
c. Art, PE and Music also teacher’s choice. (APE specials area teachers have opted not to give these assessments)

C. 15/16 Calendar

a. Will not change
b. Students’ First Day is Monday, August 24th

D. Completed Events a. Move-a-Thon b. Class and Individual Picture Day c. Spring Fling d. AR 3rd Quarter Celebration e. Awards Ceremony

Report Approved – motion by: Ms. Sidwell, seconded by: Mrs. Keene

3. District Advisory Council – Mrs. Ward

A. March

a. School Board members are spending time at the Capitol to monitor budget and testing issues
b. The School District is asking for 14/15 test scores to have no impact on students and teachers
c. Capital funding needs

1. Possible solutions – property tax increase, bond issue, impact fee increase, half cent sales tax

B. April

a. Review of T.I.F.F. teacher incentive fund
b. Discussion of change of start date for the 15/16 school year

Report Approved – motion by: Mrs. Givens, seconded by: Mrs. Mayer

4. Upcoming Training – Mrs. Sidwell

a. MTSS Data Review
b. Grade level teams use data to compile end of year rankings
c. Work on completing student CUM folders
d. Teachers will provide proactive information on grade level strengths and weaknesses
e. Reading Renaissance Honor Roll
1. 25 weeks of consistent data needed
2. 30 Allen Park Teachers qualify
3. Mrs. Eastridge qualifies
4. Allen Park Media – Mrs. Foster qualifies
5. Allen Park is the only Lee Co. school on the Honor Roll

Report Approved – motion by: Mrs. Ward, seconded by: Mrs. Metzger

5. End of Year Activities – Mrs. Eastridge

a. Running Club Wrap Up
b. 2nd grade Math Boot Camp
c. 4th Grade Luncheon and Career Day
d. 5th Grade Kickball Game
e. Zoomers Night
f. Visit from Middle School students to 5th Grade classrooms
g. 5th Grade completion ceremony – June 2nd @ Fort Myers High

Report Approved – motion by: Mrs. Sidwell, seconded by: Mr. Dennis

6. Mrs. Eastridge moved to adjourn the meeting at 4:30, it was seconded by Mrs. Mayer.