Members Present: Mayer, Sidwell, Eastridge, Metzger, Ward, Paraboschi, Keene, Givens

1. Meeting Called to Order

2. Principal’s Report – Mrs. Eastridge

Author’s Parade was a great success! We were honored to have Dr. Graham and other School District representatives participate.
Jason’s Deli Night – PTA fundraiser – there was a great turn out, thanks to all who enjoyed a great meal and supported our PTA!
Academic Plan update – many schools in the district are trending behind. Allen Park teachers are doing an exceptional job of balancing district expectations and ensuring students are mastering skills before testing.
3-5 teachers got a preview of the new FSA assessment this week. They are working in PLC groups to incorporate this new information and help students feel prepared with the new question style and testing format.
Kindergarten Orientation – January 26th! Tour dates have also been scheduled. Please let friends or family with rising Kindergarteners know we encourage them to visit our campus!
Report Approved – motion by: Ms. Sidwell, seconded by: Mrs. Keene

3. DAC Report – No report due to Meeting Change

4. Teacher Training Report – Mrs. Sidwell

Presenters from the Florida Inclusion Network shared 5 models of effective Co-Teaching
Teachers had the opportunity to discuss how to effectively use ESE Resource Teachers in a Co-Teaching model and other ways to incorporate Co-Teaching to benefit our students.
Webb’s Depth of Knowledge
Update to prior training – examining changes to Webb’s Depth of Knowledge
Teachers had the opportunity to look at a variety of sample questions and evaluate their complexity.
Teacher’s also discussed how to apply at variety of complexity when using questioning techniques in the classroom
Report Approved – motion by: Mrs. Eastridge, seconded by: Mr. Metzger

5. New Incentive Plans – Mrs. Metzger

Bucket Fillers
New programs will recognize staff and students that support and encourage others
Drop boxes are located in the front office. Staff members have blue and gold tickets to fill out for students and staff to nominate them for outstanding Bucket Filling!
Award Winners will be drawn weekly on the Morning News!
Café Cups
Green, Yellow, and Red cups are stacked at the end of each Café table
Students are asked to monitor their noise level and to clean up their table and floor when they leave.
A color change is a reminder to make better choices.
If the noise level improves students can earn their way back to green.
Teachers were asked to create a classroom reward when their class earns 10 greens
Report Approved – motion by: Mrs. Sidwell, seconded by: Mrs. Givens

6. News and Events – Mrs. Mayer site license for Math
Purchased with grant funds from The Foundation for Lee County Public Schools
School-wide site license purchased to provide www.ixl.comMath for pre-K through 5th Grade
Activated on 11/1, 43 teachers are actively using the site, students have practiced more than 320 hours on Math in that time!
2014 Red Kettle Campaign
December 8th – 12th
Four kettles will be at entrance locations to campus and one class will man each kettle.
We also have a virtual kettle available for parents
Mrs. Mayer’s class has been invited to tour and volunteer at the Red Kettle Warehouse to see how funds Allen Park raises will be used in the community.
Report Approved – motion by: Mrs. Sidwell, seconded by: Mrs. DeProfio

7. Presentation of Plan for School Recognition Money – Mrs. Eastridge

a. Plans need to be submitted to the District by 2/1
b. Staff have approved a 4-year plan to divide the funds among all staff members.
c. If funds are awarded instructional staff will receive 7 units, support staff will receive 4 units

Vote to approve the plan – motion by: Mrs. Eastridge, seconded by: Mrs. Sidwell
The plan was approved 8-0.

8. The next meeting will be on January 29, 2015 @ 4:00pm

9. Mrs. Sidwell moved to adjourn the meeting at 4:35, it was seconded by Mr. Keene.