According to the Florida Department of Education the role of the School Advisory Council (SAC) is to look at what is known about their school and decide which areas need improvement. An analysis of student achievement and school performance data should occur. Then the SAC, which includes principal, faculty, parents, students, local business people and community members, must decide which needs are most pressing and most important. The SAC will develop strategies – the "how-to" for improving the areas most important to their school. Finally, they will decide how to measure the results of what they plan to do. The end product will be a master plan for improving the school.

Allen Park Elementary SAC Meeting Agendas and Meeting Minutes

SAC Meeting Minutes

April 30, 2015

Members Present: Mayer, Sidwell, Eastridge, Ward, Keene, Givens, Dennis, Metzger, Fitzgerald

1. Meeting Called to Order – 4:00 by Mrs. Mayer

2. Principal’s Report – Mrs. Eastridge

A. Testing Update

a. 3/4/5 Reading and Math Complete!
b. All computer testing is complete with only one glitch day
c. 5th grade will take FCAT Science 5/5 and 5/6 on paper

B. Florida Bill 7069

a. The district is waiting on clarification from the state
b. K-2 Math CCE is teacher’s choice
c. Art, PE and Music also teacher’s choice. (APE specials area teachers have opted not to give these assessments)

C. 15/16 Calendar

a. Will not change
b. Students’ First Day is Monday, August 24th

D. Completed Events a. Move-a-Thon b. Class and Individual Picture Day c. Spring Fling d. AR 3rd Quarter Celebration e. Awards Ceremony

Report Approved – motion by: Ms. Sidwell, seconded by: Mrs. Keene

3. District Advisory Council – Mrs. Ward

A. March

a. School Board members are spending time at the Capitol to monitor budget and testing issues
b. The School District is asking for 14/15 test scores to have no impact on students and teachers
c. Capital funding needs

1. Possible solutions – property tax increase, bond issue, impact fee increase, half cent sales tax

B. April

a. Review of T.I.F.F. teacher incentive fund
b. Discussion of change of start date for the 15/16 school year

Report Approved – motion by: Mrs. Givens, seconded by: Mrs. Mayer

4. Upcoming Training – Mrs. Sidwell

a. MTSS Data Review
b. Grade level teams use data to compile end of year rankings
c. Work on completing student CUM folders
d. Teachers will provide proactive information on grade level strengths and weaknesses
e. Reading Renaissance Honor Roll
1. 25 weeks of consistent data needed
2. 30 Allen Park Teachers qualify
3. Mrs. Eastridge qualifies
4. Allen Park Media – Mrs. Foster qualifies
5. Allen Park is the only Lee Co. school on the Honor Roll

Report Approved – motion by: Mrs. Ward, seconded by: Mrs. Metzger

5. End of Year Activities – Mrs. Eastridge

a. Running Club Wrap Up
b. 2nd grade Math Boot Camp
c. 4th Grade Luncheon and Career Day
d. 5th Grade Kickball Game
e. Zoomers Night
f. Visit from Middle School students to 5th Grade classrooms
g. 5th Grade completion ceremony – June 2nd @ Fort Myers High

Report Approved – motion by: Mrs. Sidwell, seconded by: Mr. Dennis

6. Mrs. Eastridge moved to adjourn the meeting at 4:30, it was seconded by Mrs. Mayer.

SAC Meeting Minutes

January 29, 2015

Members Present: Mayer, Sidwell, Eastridge, Ward, Keene, Givens, Dennis, DeProfio, Kinsey

1. Meeting Called to Order – 4:00 by Mrs. Mayer

2. Principal’s Report – Mrs. Eastridge

Great events and family participation at Allen Park
Grandparent’s Day
Book Fair
Kindergarten Orientation – well attended
Chuck E. Cheese Night
Southwest Florida Fair
9 Odyssey of the Mind teams ready for district competition
Inventors Fair – 16 Allen Park students chosen to participate!
Town Hall Meeting – guest speaker Kevin Baird
2/18 @ 6:00 – South Fort Myers HS
Explaining the Florida Standards
Report Approved – motion by: Ms. Sidwell, seconded by: Mrs. Kinsey

3. Mid-Year Testing and Progress Monitoring – Mrs. Sidwell/Mrs. Eastridge

Mid-year Testing
Completed in December – STAR Reading for ELA and a computer-based Math test, science (5th grade only)
Data review showed many areas of growth across all grade levels
Administrators met with grade level teams to review data, areas of growth and areas to target
The state has asked for an addition check before the FSA administration – that test window opens in February
Progress Monitoring
Data comparisons were presented to grade level teams to examine progress each grade level is making as standards are assessed
Mrs. Eastridge shared example charts that track teacher, grade level and school progress
Compared to the District average – Allen Park is exceeding the expectations for this point in the school year!
Administration continues to work with all grade levels to interpret data and provide support and resources for mastering standards
Report Approved – motion by: Mrs. Keene, seconded by: Mrs. Ward

4. FSA Standardized State testing – Mrs. Eastridge

Mrs. Eastridge shared the testing calendar for Spring 2015
She explained the infrastructure testing that was completed
She outlined Allen Park’s plan to accommodate 5th grades on-line tests in Reading and Math
Mrs. Sidwell and Mrs. Eastridge answered parents questions about the administration and content of the FSA tests
Report Approved – motion by: Mrs. Givens, seconded by: Ms. DeProfio

5. DAC Report – Mrs. Ward

ESE programs in the District are moving toward and inclusion model
The district will utilize co-teaching models to support classroom teachers
The Elementary break out session included a discussion about expectations for Recess
At the high school level the district wants to encourage working toward a standard diploma as opposed to a special diploma
Report Approved – motion by: Mrs. Sidwell, seconded by: Mrs. DeProfio

6. The next meeting will be on April 30, 2015 @ 4:00pm

9. Mrs. Kinsey moved to adjourn the meeting at 4:30, it was seconded by Mr. Dennis

SAC Meeting Minutes

December 4, 2014

Members Present: Mayer, Sidwell, Eastridge, Metzger, Ward, Paraboschi, Keene, Givens

1. Meeting Called to Order

2. Principal’s Report – Mrs. Eastridge

Author’s Parade was a great success! We were honored to have Dr. Graham and other School District representatives participate.
Jason’s Deli Night – PTA fundraiser – there was a great turn out, thanks to all who enjoyed a great meal and supported our PTA!
Academic Plan update – many schools in the district are trending behind. Allen Park teachers are doing an exceptional job of balancing district expectations and ensuring students are mastering skills before testing.
3-5 teachers got a preview of the new FSA assessment this week. They are working in PLC groups to incorporate this new information and help students feel prepared with the new question style and testing format.
Kindergarten Orientation – January 26th! Tour dates have also been scheduled. Please let friends or family with rising Kindergarteners know we encourage them to visit our campus!
Report Approved – motion by: Ms. Sidwell, seconded by: Mrs. Keene

3. DAC Report – No report due to Meeting Change

4. Teacher Training Report – Mrs. Sidwell

Presenters from the Florida Inclusion Network shared 5 models of effective Co-Teaching
Teachers had the opportunity to discuss how to effectively use ESE Resource Teachers in a Co-Teaching model and other ways to incorporate Co-Teaching to benefit our students.
Webb’s Depth of Knowledge
Update to prior training – examining changes to Webb’s Depth of Knowledge
Teachers had the opportunity to look at a variety of sample questions and evaluate their complexity.
Teacher’s also discussed how to apply at variety of complexity when using questioning techniques in the classroom
Report Approved – motion by: Mrs. Eastridge, seconded by: Mr. Metzger

5. New Incentive Plans – Mrs. Metzger

Bucket Fillers
New programs will recognize staff and students that support and encourage others
Drop boxes are located in the front office. Staff members have blue and gold tickets to fill out for students and staff to nominate them for outstanding Bucket Filling!
Award Winners will be drawn weekly on the Morning News!
Café Cups
Green, Yellow, and Red cups are stacked at the end of each Café table
Students are asked to monitor their noise level and to clean up their table and floor when they leave.
A color change is a reminder to make better choices.
If the noise level improves students can earn their way back to green.
Teachers were asked to create a classroom reward when their class earns 10 greens
Report Approved – motion by: Mrs. Sidwell, seconded by: Mrs. Givens

6. News and Events – Mrs. Mayer site license for Math
Purchased with grant funds from The Foundation for Lee County Public Schools
School-wide site license purchased to provide www.ixl.comMath for pre-K through 5th Grade
Activated on 11/1, 43 teachers are actively using the site, students have practiced more than 320 hours on Math in that time!
2014 Red Kettle Campaign
December 8th – 12th
Four kettles will be at entrance locations to campus and one class will man each kettle.
We also have a virtual kettle available for parents
Mrs. Mayer’s class has been invited to tour and volunteer at the Red Kettle Warehouse to see how funds Allen Park raises will be used in the community.
Report Approved – motion by: Mrs. Sidwell, seconded by: Mrs. DeProfio

7. Presentation of Plan for School Recognition Money – Mrs. Eastridge

a. Plans need to be submitted to the District by 2/1
b. Staff have approved a 4-year plan to divide the funds among all staff members.
c. If funds are awarded instructional staff will receive 7 units, support staff will receive 4 units

Vote to approve the plan – motion by: Mrs. Eastridge, seconded by: Mrs. Sidwell
The plan was approved 8-0.

8. The next meeting will be on January 29, 2015 @ 4:00pm

9. Mrs. Sidwell moved to adjourn the meeting at 4:35, it was seconded by Mr. Keene.

SAC Meeting Minutes

October 30, 2014

Members Present: Mayer, Sidwell, Eastridge, Metzger, Ward, Dennis, Kinsey, Oswaldo

1. Meeting Called to Order

2. Principal’s Report – Mrs. Eastridge

1st quarter report cards go home 10/31 – Great 1st 9 weeks!
PTA fundraiser complete and all items distributed
Fall Festival was a great success
Allen Park did not earn the Blue Ribbon award – it was an honor to be recognized
Funds from SIP were used to provide substitutes for completed and upcoming training
SIP funds also provided supplemental materials per grade level request and are arriving now
November training for teachers will focus on co-teaching to target learning gains for students with disabilities
Report Approved – motion by: Ms. Sidwell, seconded by: Mrs. Metzger

3. DAC Report – Mrs. Ward and Mr. Dennis

Per our discussion at the 9/11 meeting – Mrs. Eastridge reached out to Mr. Dennis and he agreed to be the alternate DAC representative.
Mrs. Ward attended the meeting on 9/17
Discussion points included: transportation, school choice and Dunbar HS
Mr. Dennis attended the meeting on 10/15
District testing – schools must report progress to the state
Teachers may use district created tests or make their own
It may be important to test in Science and Social Studies before 4th Grade
Elections: Gwen Gittens – President, Andy Erickson – Vice President
Parents can access the FSA information website for more information and sample test questions
Mrs. Eastridge noted that Allen Park Teachers will use the revised District Assessments. Allen Park teachers participated in the revision of these tests.
Report Approved – motion by: Mrs. Eastridge, seconded by: Mrs. Sidwell

4. Teacher Training Report – Mrs. Sidwell

Mrs. Fetterhoff attended district writing training using the new state rubric. She has worked with 3, 4, and 5th grade teachers to train them in two sessions.
Two Allen Park teachers were a part of the team that revised the Concept Tests
Completed Training in September
Teachers reviewed SIP data and identified trends and needs
Mrs. Metzger provided training on critical thinking skills
Teachers worked within their Professional Learning Communities to discuss strategies
Upcoming training for teachers in November
Webb’s Depth of Knowledge – how to guide students to a deeper level of thinking using cognitive rigor and questioning techniques
Guest Speaker – How Co-teaching can support learning for students with disabilities
Mrs. Eastridge shared that a team of teachers from Patriot Elementary visited because they were impressed with our Primary (K,1,2).
The team toured classrooms
The integration of writing at all levels was a standout
Report Approved – motion by: Mrs. Ward, seconded by: Mr. Dennis

5. SREF Inspection Report – Mrs. Metzger

Completed on 10/15 – very few items noted
Sanitary disposal missing from the girls’ restrooms – these are being ordered and will be installed
Other items noted already had work orders in progress
Report Approved – motion by: Mrs. Sidwell, seconded by: Mrs. Eastridge

6. Discussion

Mrs. Kinsey noted that Allen Park teachers had presented at a recent School Board Meeting
Mrs. Eastridge and Mrs. Mayer related that the teachers presented a letter to the Board and Dr. Graham explaining the impact of decision made throughout 1st quarter. They asked to be a part of the discussion for future decisions. The Board directed Dr. Graham to send a District Leadership team to meet with Allen Park teachers. A team of four spent the day at Allen Park on Friday 11/24 and met with each grade level. All teams appreciated the opportunity to share concerns and felt the discussion was positive and productive.
Mr. Dennis asked how testing information and expectations for the new FSA test will be shared with parents
Mrs. Eastridge and Mrs. Metzger both noted the website has information and sample test questions. This website is what the district, administrators and teachers are using to stay up to date on the new testing. It will be shared with all parents in an upcoming newsletter.
Mrs. Ward noted that Allen Park paraprofessional would be open to participating in district training to better support teachers and students in the classroom.
Mrs. Eastridge will share the request with the district and follow up

7. The next meeting will be on December 4, 2014 @ 4:00pm

8. Mrs. Kinsey moved to adjourn the meeting at 4:45, it was seconded by Mr. Dennis.

SAC Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2014

Members Present: Mayer, Sidwell, Eastridge, Metzger, DeProfio, Parabosci, Keene, Givens

  1. Meeting Called to Order - motion by: Mrs. Sidwell, second by: Ms. DeProfio
  2. Introduction of Members
    1. Each member introduced themselves and gave some information about their role at Allen Park
  3. Review of Bylaws
    1. Mrs. Sidwell reviewed a packet of information with all members to outline the goals of the SAC Committee. She also reviewed the bylaws of the group – the rules by which all meetings will be governed.
    2. Mrs. Givens moved to approve the bylaws, seconded by Mrs. Keene.
    3. The bylaws were approved
  4. Discussion of DAC representation
    1. Mrs. Mayer explained that a member of the Allen Park SAC needs to represent the school on the District Advisory Council (DAC). Members were provided with the dates for upcoming DAC meetings.
    2. Shawn Ward was nominated to serve as the DAC representative for the 14-15 school year. A motion to approve her nomination was made by Mrs. Sidwell, seconded by Mrs. Givens. Mrs. Ward was approved as the DAC representative.
    3. Mrs. Sidwell will reach out to Mr. Bobby Dennis, Sr. to serve as the alternate DAC representative – he had previously expressed interest, but was unable to attend this meeting. A motion to approve this action was made by Mrs. Keene, seconded by Mrs. Givens. The action was approved.
  5. School Improvement Plan
    1. Mrs. Sidwell thoroughly reviewed the 14-15 School Improvement Plan (SIP) and answered parent questions to clarify data and goals.
    2. Mrs. Eastridge proposed that the School Improvement funds of approximately $12,000 be spent in two ways. First, to pay for substitute teachers to allow Allen Park teachers to attend training on goals outlined in the SIP. The additional funds would be spent to provide teachers with supplemental materials. Ms. Sidwell will ask each grade level to submit requests.
    3. A motion to approve the SIP was made by Mrs. Givens, seconded by Mrs. Parabosci.
    4. The SIP was approved by unanimous vote
  6. The next meeting will be October 30, 2014 @ 4:00pm
  7. Mrs. Sidwell moved to adjourn the meeting at 4:45, it was seconded by Mrs. Keene.